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Quality, Enviromental Management, Self- Assessment System

In the everyday language the word "quality" is being used very often and in an increasing range of meanings.
Total quality management, comakership, partnership, just in time, quality function deployment, they have all become common concepts and they show the growing attention companies are paying to "quality intended" as a chain that links producer to customers and as a synonymous of "general interest".

Also, the "sustainable development"passes through the full consciousness of the relationships between the company and the surrounding environment, and of the value of products safety.

The certification of Quality Systems, Environmental Management and Self-Assessment System (abiding by UNI EN ISO 9000/Vision 2000; QS 9000/ISO-TS 16949, UNI EN ISO 14000 and HACCP method) has today become an essential condition to keep and increase the customer basis.
Moreover, It is a preferential title when working with big public and non-public clients.

This area includes:

  • Quality Planning, Development and Implementation
  • Integration with Quality Assurance Programs
  • Methodology Support for Objectives Specification
  • Satisfaction Analysis Models
  • Perceived Quality Analysis
  • Quality Safety and Environment Integration Systems
  • HACCP Self Assessment System