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Sales and Marketing

"A product is not a product
if it is not sold.
It is just a museum piece."
(Ted Levitt)

The Market is not something homogenous and undifferentiated, because is made of "groups"of customers with different needs and different buying behaviors, varying according to their demographic and socio-economic characteristics, and to their values and lifestyles.
The company therefore must position itself precisely in the competitive arena,
differentiating from those competitors who target the same customers or cater the same needs.

Segmentation and positioning strategies must be implemented with the help of appropriate marketing politics.
This is why a coherent and finely tuned marketing mix is required to translate strategies into actions.

Marketing is therefore the function of choosing the right customers, what to sell them and how to sell it.
And the planning of the after-sale actions, that must pursue the customer satisfaction as mean to achieve the company's objectives.

This area includes:

  • Marketing Plans
  • Sale Force Management
  • Marketing Mix Leverage
  • Strategic and Operational Marketing
  • Product Planning and Analysis
  • Positioning
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Sales Control and Forecast
  • Advertising and Media
  • Internet and New Media